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LeBron James Spends $1.5M On His Body Each Year – Here’s Where The Money Goes

LeBron James is probably the most durable athlete of all time. He’s been playing at a superstar level for 17 years now and shows no signs of slowing down. So how does LeBron stay in such good shape?

By the end of his current deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James will become the highest-paid NBA player ever with more than $350 million dollars in career earnings.

Of course, LeBron is not keeping all this money under the mattress.

He happens to be an extremely successful investor with stake ownership in Beats by Dre, the Liverpool Football Club, and Blaze Pizza along with many other endorsements.

LeBron also invests a lot of time and resources to keep his body in the best shape possible.

In this video from NonStop Sports, let’s look at how LeBron trains, why he spends millions of dollars on physical fitness, and how he could end up becoming the most durable athlete ever.

How LeBron Spends $1.5 Million On His Body Each Year

LeBron has a rule that he religiously follows and that rule is to “keep the number one thing, the number one thing.”

In this case, the number one priority is basketball which has been his primary source of income and a catalyst for all the other revenue and opportunities.

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LeBron understands that basketball is the driving force for most of his other ventures. His success off the court is closely tied to his success in the NBA.

For this reason, LeBron never stops training and spends huge amounts of money to keep his body in the best possible shape.

He uses cryotherapy to decrease inflammation in his body and relieve muscle pain after hard training sessions.

LeBron also uses hyperbaric chambers to increase the amount of oxygen in his blood by simulating high altitude conditions which results in better endurance and overall performance in his recovery regimen.

LeBron uses a Normatek leg boot which massages his lower extremities and keeps the muscles loose and warm which benefits with aches and soreness and gets private treatments with liquid nitrogen to help reduce inflammation.

The reigning NBA champion employs a team of personal chefs massage therapists and trainers to keep him in top shape.

LeBron is already one of the most durable athletes and once you learn about his habits it’s easy to see why with a little bit of luck he could become the most durable athlete ever and further advance his case for the GOAT status.

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